• Ms. Naomi

Ça va bien aller!

Things are a little different right now and you may be feeling anxious and scared. I know I've been feeling really anxious about not being able to see you and teach you everyday! In times like these it's important that we try and remain positive and do what we can to spread a little hope and joy. With that in mind, I would like to invite you to participate in the "Ça va bien aller!" movement!

"Ça va bien aller!" (it's going to be okay), is a special initiative in which Quebecers of all ages are creating and displaying rainbow artworks on their windows and doors to spread positivity in their neighbourhoods.

You can use any material(s) to create your rainbow; it can be big or small; it can include the phrase "Ça va bien aller!"; but the most important thing is that you display it for your neighbourhood to enjoy.

If you can, take a picture of your rainbow, login below and share it! I'd love to hear from you and see your artworks!

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